Ten Reasons to Advertise with Bird Watcher’s Digest

10. We have a history.

We began publishing BWD in 1978—that’s 37 years of experience! We’ve seen the birding market grow into an estimated 42 million bird watchers who have a total economic impact of $82 billion annually! We know the main players, the trends, and the scope and trajectory of the entire birding market.


9. We embrace the future.

We were among the first nature publications on the Internet. More recently we were among the early adopters providing our content via digital readers and mobile applications (apps). We continue to explore new ways to deliver content and marketing messages to consumers through digital channels.


8. Marketing channels galore!

We have more than 20 different marketing channels in print (magazines, booklets, custom content), digital (e-publications, the BWD app, websites, e-newsletters, e-blasts, podcasts, blogs, video, and customized versions of all of these), and in-person (events, consulting) arenas.


7. We’re really good at orchestration.

We can create a customized marketing plan that achieves your goals while working within your budget (see #8 above).


6. We’re authoritative.

Our editor, Bill Thompson, III, has written numerous best-selling, award-winning birding books. Our contributors are among the top birding experts in the world. We really know our stuff.


5. We’re birders, too, so readers trust the BWD brand.

You might say that our knowledge of the birding market comes to us “naturally!”


4. We cater to ALL levels of involvement in bird watching

from beginners to backyard birders to globetrotting bird listers and everyone in between!


3. You call US, you GET us!

Since Day 1 we’ve kept all of our operations in-house. So when you call Bird Watcher’s Digest, you will speak with an actual staff person! We don’t rely on outside agencies to handle our business.


2. We’re the magazine that people actually read.

That’s rare in today’s norm of swirling information overload. BWD offers our readers a sanctuary of well-written, thought-provoking, entertaining and useful content. We don’t have to rely on lots of big images or over-the-top splashy graphics. Most of our subscribers read every issue from cover to cover.


1. We’re looking for a serious relationship.

When you do business with Bird Watcher’s Digest, we’re in it for the long term. We don’t want to sell you one big ad. We want to build a successful marketing campaign for you. After all, if your business grows, ours will too!

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About Us

Bird Watcher’s Digest, a bimonthly magazine for birders, was founded in Marietta, Ohio, in 1978 by Elsa and Bill Thompson, Jr. BWD also publishes Watching Backyard Birds for backyard birders. Over the decades, BWD has expanded to include other modes and channels of content creation and distribution: websites, videos, podcasts, blogs, booklets, print and e-books, birding gear, and events, most notably the Midwest Birding Symposium, BWD Reader Rendezvous, and the American Birding Expo.

Client Testimonials

Bird Watcher's Digest and the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival has enjoyed a  long-time working partnership. Both organizations experienced phenomenal growth while making the appropriate internal and external changes to compete in the world of birding and nature-based activities. The Thompson family and BWD staff are mentors who best promote your event or product. Each customer receives the same caring service whether first or long time advertisers.

Neta Harris

Celestron is proud to team with organizations like Bird Watcher’s Digest. Advertising and sponsorship efforts are integrated smoothly and our participation at their events like the recent American Birding Expo in Columbus, Ohio allow us to build our relationships with people in the outdoor enthusiast community.

Michelle Meskill

BWD has been a part of our promotional plan for several years. The team and Thompson family are wonderful partners, the readers are dedicated birders. BWD should be considered for the media plan of any brand, service or venue that needs to reach this target audience in a trusted, welcoming environment.

Bill Wilson

Our experience working with BWD is multifaceted. BWD is professional and trustworthy. We find them friendly and loyal. They know the birding business and have a strong following. Our advertising with BWD enhances our image and produces sales. BWD is a family business like ours, which we know works best with birders.

Keith Hackland

The BWD team makes things happen in a big way. Working with Bill, Dawn, Kyle, Mollee and the whole crew at the American Birding Expo was fantastic. As we've come to expect, the event flowed smoothly and seamlessly throughout. We're already looking forward to the next one!

George L. Armistead
Events Coordinator / American Birding Association

Its been fantastic working with the professional team at The Bird Watchers’ Digest and we appreciate their help in promoting us to their readership and fans.

Adam Riley

We know when the magazine lands in people’s hands because our phone rings! And it’s been that way from the first ad over a decade ago. That makes me feel old.

Geoff Heeter

Working with the BWD team has been great for our company, and we are pleased to see their magazine and online presence going from strength to strength. We are loyal fans of BWD!

Leon Marais
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