Seasons of Advertising: Summer Edition

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the summer 2016 issue of Seasons of Advertising, our quarterly advertising newsletter from Bird Watcher’s Digest! This communication was created especially for you, our marketing partners. We hope you will take a moment to read all about the advertising opportunities and events happening at Bird Watcher’s Digest. Our goal is to share your marketing message with our loyal audience, and to connect you with the hundreds of thousands of people who are part of the Bird Watcher’s Digest family.


We don’t usually toot our own horn, but we would like to share some great news with you. Our website,, is experiencing unprecedented traffic this year! In May we had 116,000 unique visitors (3,700 unique visitors per day), and in June we had 90,000 unique visitors (3,000 unique visitors per day). As a result, the ads on our website are also experiencing a record number of impressions and clicks. This is an increase of 50 percent from 2015, and is the most traffic we have ever experienced in these months. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN FOR YOU? It means that our website is a fantastic, affordable way to advertise! The cost for a three-month run-of-site website ad is only $450 (that’s $150 per month)! CLICK HERE For more information on website advertising, and CONTACT ME to schedule your website ad with us today!



GREAT QUESTION! We realize that you have many advertising options these days, even within the birding market. You have a limited budget and specific marketing goals, and have the difficult decision of choosing where to invest your marketing dollars. So, why choose Bird Watcher’s Digest? What makes us different from other advertisers in the birding market, and why should you advertise with us? Bill Thompson III, BWD‘s Editor/Publisher, was recently asked this question, and this was his reply:

“The primary difference between Bird Watcher’s Digest and other publications would be in the variety of channels we offer to our marketing partners, and in the fact that most of our staff are avidly interested in birding, our publication’s subject matter. This gives us a closer connection to our subscribers and imbues our content with a more authentic voice. Our marketing partners benefit from this connection and authenticity.

Bird Watcher’s Digest (BWD) was founded in 1978 by my parents. We were the first commercial birding publication in North America. We remain the only privately owned magazine in the birding arena, and we are the only one published by actual bird watchers.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I could go on for pages about all the things we do here at BWD. Basically, we live, breathe, and revel in the birding lifestyle, and our marketing partners enjoy tapping into the passion we (and our readers) have for this rapidly growing hobby.

Although I have great respect for our competitors, they cannot compete with our passionate commitment to birding and to the birding community at large, including our marketing partners and potential marketing partners.”

There you have it! We are unique, we are passionate, we are connected to bird watchers around the world, and we want to tell our followers all about you!


I’m sure that by now, most of you have heard about the American Birding Expo, which was founded by Bill Thompson, III, and is managed by the event team at Bird Watcher’s Digest. The second annual American Birding Expo, a consumer trade show in Columbus, Ohio, is coming up September 16-18, 2016, and we hope you will be a part of it! Marketed to bird watchers, nature photographers, and other outdoor enthusiasts, the Expo aims to showcase “The World of Birding in One Place,” bringing together optics manufacturers and distributors, representatives of birding festivals and hotspot destinations, birding tour companies, purveyors of birding gear and bird feeders, and all other goods, services, and opportunities that birders want. Because of your reputation and customer base, your organization would compliment the vast and growing array of Expo exhibitors.



If you would like more information about becoming an Expo exhibitor or sponsor, CLICK HERE. Expo exhibitor booths are $500, and all information about the event is available on the Expo website. You can also CONTACT ME for more information.

If you are not able to attend the Expo this year, you can still be involved! If you would like to make a donation to the Expo conservation raffle, CLICK HERE to complete our conservation raffle form. You can read more about our three Expo conservation causes here. We would love to promote your organization at the Expo by featuring your donation in the conservation raffle!


Would you like to know more about our advertising statistics and demographic information? CLICK HERE for stats, and HERE for demographic info! Various surveys show that our audience is well educated, well travelled, well read, and loves to enhance their birding experience with products and travel.

Would you like more information about the U.S. birding market? You may be surprised at how much money, time, and attention the birding industry generates annually! CLICK HERE to find out more. 


The reservation deadline for the September/October 2016 issue of Bird Watcher’s Digest is this weekIf you would like to reserve ad space in this issue, please contact me as soon as possible. CLICK HERE to see our print ad sizes and rates. Remember: Ads that appear in the print edition of BWD also appear in the digital edition and the BWD app at no extra charge! 


Representatives of Bird Watcher’s Digest will be on the move in the coming months! Be sure to connect with us at the following 2016 events!

Thanks for taking time to read the summer 2016 issue of Seasons of Advertising! We hope this has been helpful to you, and look forward to hearing from you soon! As always, please contact me if you have any questions or need more information.

Cheers from sunny Ohio!

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About Us

Bird Watcher’s Digest, a bimonthly magazine for birders, was founded in Marietta, Ohio, in 1978 by Elsa and Bill Thompson, Jr. BWD also publishes Watching Backyard Birds for backyard birders. Over the decades, BWD has expanded to include other modes and channels of content creation and distribution: websites, videos, podcasts, blogs, booklets, print and e-books, birding gear, and events, most notably the Midwest Birding Symposium, BWD Reader Rendezvous, and the American Birding Expo.

Client Testimonials

Bird Watcher's Digest and the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival has enjoyed a  long-time working partnership. Both organizations experienced phenomenal growth while making the appropriate internal and external changes to compete in the world of birding and nature-based activities. The Thompson family and BWD staff are mentors who best promote your event or product. Each customer receives the same caring service whether first or long time advertisers.

Neta Harris

Celestron is proud to team with organizations like Bird Watcher’s Digest. Advertising and sponsorship efforts are integrated smoothly and our participation at their events like the recent American Birding Expo in Columbus, Ohio allow us to build our relationships with people in the outdoor enthusiast community.

Michelle Meskill

BWD has been a part of our promotional plan for several years. The team and Thompson family are wonderful partners, the readers are dedicated birders. BWD should be considered for the media plan of any brand, service or venue that needs to reach this target audience in a trusted, welcoming environment.

Bill Wilson

Our experience working with BWD is multifaceted. BWD is professional and trustworthy. We find them friendly and loyal. They know the birding business and have a strong following. Our advertising with BWD enhances our image and produces sales. BWD is a family business like ours, which we know works best with birders.

Keith Hackland

The BWD team makes things happen in a big way. Working with Bill, Dawn, Kyle, Mollee and the whole crew at the American Birding Expo was fantastic. As we've come to expect, the event flowed smoothly and seamlessly throughout. We're already looking forward to the next one!

George L. Armistead
Events Coordinator / American Birding Association

Its been fantastic working with the professional team at The Bird Watchers’ Digest and we appreciate their help in promoting us to their readership and fans.

Adam Riley

We know when the magazine lands in people’s hands because our phone rings! And it’s been that way from the first ad over a decade ago. That makes me feel old.

Geoff Heeter

Working with the BWD team has been great for our company, and we are pleased to see their magazine and online presence going from strength to strength. We are loyal fans of BWD!

Leon Marais
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