This quiz is on birds with "American" in their name. There are more than you probably realize! How many of these American birds can you recall?
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American Birds Pop Quiz
How Well Do You Know American Birds?

BWD Managing Editor Dawn HewittBy Dawn Hewitt
Managing Editor | Bird Watcher's Digest

Hoping that you’re still basking in a patriotic glow after the Independence Day holiday, this week’s BirdWire quiz will focus on American birds. Not U.S. endemics (although that would make a good quiz), nothing about bald eagles, and not red, white, and blue birds. Rather, this quiz is on birds with “American” in their name. There are more than you probably realize! How many of these American birds can you recall? Take our quiz and find out!

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American Bird Question #1
Let’s start with an easy one: This orange- (not red- ) breasted thrush is found from Alaska to Florida and California to Newfoundland, and is not a reliable harbinger of spring. Hint: There’s no more sobbin’ when it comes bobbin’ along.
American Bird Question #2
American Bird Question #2
This familiar all-black beauty is also found coast-to-coast in the Lower 48 but is more common in the East. Known for its intelligence and adaptability, it is often seen in small family groups or in large flocks. Hint: It’s only a murder if there’s probable caws.
American Bird Question #3
American Bird Question #3
Name two ducks with "American" in their names. Hint: One is an eastern resident, a dark cousin of the mallard. The other can be found in all 50 states at some time of year and has a white forehead.

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