There's no doubt: Watching bluebirds brings happiness, and June is a great month for enjoying them. What's your bluebird IQ? Find out with our quiz!
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Test Your Knowledge of Bluebirds
Happy June! Time For a Bluebird Quiz!

By Dawn Hewitt
Managing Editor | Bird Watcher's Digest

There's no doubt: Watching bluebirds brings happiness, and June is a great month for enjoying them. They can be lured to spacious, open, suburban backyards with carefully placed nest boxes, mealworms, and suet dough. Males are more brightly colorful than their mates, and juveniles have a speckled breast, with blue in the wings and tail. How much do you know about these beautiful birds? Take our quiz below and find out!

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From Redstart Birding: Understanding Magnification on Binoculars

When you're shopping for optics, you might notice that numbers such 8x32 or 10x42 are etched or printed on most binoculars. What do those numbers mean? Find out, and get insights on what binocular magnification best suits your birding needs.
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Bluebird Question #1
To what family of birds do bluebirds belong? Hint: American robin is in this family, too.
a) Flycatcher
b) Warbler
c) Thrush
d) Kinglet
Bluebird Question #2
Which bluebird species is this? Hint: This is the species you'll see along the Pacific Coast.
a) Eastern bluebird
b) Western bluebird
c) Mountain bluebird
d) Rose-breasted bluebird
Bluebird question #3
Which bluebird species is this? Hint: Its range is from the Great Plains to the Atlantic Coast.
a) Eastern bluebird
b) Western bluebird
c) Mountain bluebird
d) Rose-breasted bluebird

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